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My addiction and passion for football overrides my addition to Arashi too!!!..i'm rooting for england,spain,south korea this year. but so far, only south korea has managed to live up to their name.

England (just like 2006) good individually with all the world class premier league players, with all the potential in the world, fails to work together as a team. i'm not saying this because i'm a beckham fan but the england team really lacks beckham style crosses and his leadership. they are really all over the place, but i'm still cheering for them!not sure wht happened with spain, as they were beaten by swiss. the brazil v. korea dpr was one interesting game!...world cup is taking over my life.....XDD...btw wht's yr twitter username..!??!


XDD I love Beckham! And there's really something wrong when he's not out their in the field with his team.
Brazil vs Korea DPR was something, Korea DPR had a good defense, only to get hammered by Portugal though, Portugal didn't even break a sweat. (they're gonna give Brazil a though time for sure, but i still love Brazil no matter what XDD)
And ohmygod i'm gonna eat my words, South Africa did lose, I thought they won't lose being in their home country and all.
The world cup is killing me XD i haven't had a decent night sleep because they air the games so late at night here in the Phil. haha but i don't mind XDDDD (I wish i was at those stadiums watching the games live, but the evil  evil ticket prices don't want me to go >.<)
my twitter is rhissatoshi ^_^

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